Datamineria Analysis – Delhi Vidhan Sabha Election 2015

Delhi is going to witness fierce election battle. We in Datamineria are measuring impact of each move by different political parties on voter’s sentiment. We are taking data insight from various sources :- our own scientific surveys, simulation of historical data, social media sentiments, issue/news analysis as well rally impact analysis using our in-house developed election forecasting methodologies.

Delhi election battle is open at this juncture, writing-off any political party will not yield correct result.
All parties will play their role in finalizing “who will rule Delhi”
There are various open points which has potential to impact voter’s sentiment:

Few are listed below:

1. Today Congress is not in point of discussion, however we feel Congress can make or break many political dreams. A strong performance of grand old party have its own impact on final out come

2. In case Congress not rejuvenate its cadre, impact of that scenario will also change the final outcome.

3. BJP strong push for pro-poor action, AAP should be impacted or not?

4. Performance on center government will also play a crucial role in building voter’s sentiment

5. Our voter mood analysis suggest, this time “action” not the “declaration” will yield result

4. Obama visit to India, how it will be impacting voter’s sentiment is an event to watch

We will be closely monitoring voter’s sentiment and its impact on Delhi election result.

As of 11/01/2015, based on our own scientific forecasting methodologies > BJP is leading and moving towards clear majority, however good amount of time available before election and result can be different.

“Datamineria offers “Information Advantage” to political parties to extract maximum insight and value from their election Campaign. Our expert provides multivariate forecasting using various election data analytic technique. We provide Campaign success modelling, electoral mood analysis, voting trend and decision support services to political parties. We provide independent insight and analysis to build a detailed picture of voters, voters mood swing during campaign, Voter’s mood analysis and social media strategy for campaign success modelling.”

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